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Because they are Irish

February 12, 2015



I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but Princess M is more than halfway through Naíorna  (kneen-ra) or pre-school.

In Ireland preschool is for the most part privately run.  Each child is entitled to a government funded free preschool year, through the ECCE scheme.  Most children avail of this free 15 hours per week pre-school roughly between ages 4-5 ahead of starting Primary School when they are 5.

We’ve opted to send the Princess to a Naíorna which is a pre-school taught in Irish.  We hope next year she will attend a Gaelscoil which is a Primary School taught predominately through Irish.

To some, sending the Princess to Irish school may seem surprising.  In fact, some may argue that being fluent in the Irish language may be irrelevant and useless….unless of course you are Irish.

Not to mention, it remains to be seen how her American mom will get through homework.  Irish is a difficult language to learn as an adult English speaker.  Not that I am making excuses.  I have every intent to try & so far I am able to keep up with the days of the week, numbers 1-10 & simple phrases.  But the truth is seeing the written Irish word will be daunting of that I am sure.

Since before she was born I have wondered how I would adapt and cope with the differences between education systems here when the time comes.  Now as we officially embark on the journey of formal education, I have apparently shoved aside everything that is familiar and comfortable to dive in the deep end.

While we have no current plans to move back to the USA, that door will always remain open to us & it is possible we will be uprooting the kids at some point during their schooling.  With that in mind so many people have asked us why we are bothering with Irish?

As a trained speech-language pathologist I could argue the benefits of learning a second language through immersion at a very young age.  I could site smaller class sizes and innovative teaching methods.  But if I’m honest none of that really matters. When it comes down to it there is only one real answer why we are sending the kids to schools taught via the Irish language…

Because they are Irish.

There will be many uncertainties & challenges that these years of education will bring for our family, but language probably won’t be one of the big ones I’m guessing.

Is maith an scéalaí an aimsir.

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The Great Doll Debate

September 17, 2014

Today is Princess M’s 4th birthday.  FOUR. That is a big, proper, kid age.  There is nothing childish about 4!!

Over the past few weeks there has been much discussion around the gift.  For her first birthday Mom & Dad bought her an American Girl Doll….and not just any AG doll, the MOLLY doll that has since been retired.  The doll had been safely stored at Mom and Dad’s house for about two years; waiting for the flight where we weren’t weighed down with hand luggage so that we could bring her back as a carryon.  Last Autumn when the King returned to Ireland on his own he gallantly carried the doll with him.  It has been hidden on the top of a wardrobe here ever since.

So as the birthday approached the King and I had much discussion of whether or not it was time to give her the doll….

The box says 8+.  Just about every parent of an American girl knows the cost of the doll and how precious the bloody hair is.

We have watched the Princess play endlessly with her dolls and babies.   We wondered for how long would she be truly playing dolls.  8 seems so far off.

I even did the ultimate in research and googled it….and it turns out there are two sides to the ongoing (sometimes heated) AG doll debate.

If we gave her the doll we agreed we would have to turn a blind eye to any throwing, tattooing, haircutting and general neglect/abuse that may occur.  We had to decide if we were ok with the doll being loved while all real collector value is  lost.  We had to vow not to be precious about the doll…and to be honest we weren’t so sure  we could.

Ultimately it was one last birthday gift from Grandma & Grandpa, after a long year of missing them and the hope that playing with the doll might offer a comfort to us all.

Tonight mom is either up there cursing us for giving a 4 year old such a costly doll, or she’s keeping a watchful eye over two new friends sharing one toddler bed.


Either way, I’m sure Mom would agree in hindsight the pyjamas would have been a good buy!

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It’s Raining….It’s Pouring….the kids are going crazy

February 2, 2014

And quiet frankly so am I….

It’s been a long, wet few months in Cork and once again the city is underwater this morning.

We’re in recovery from a recent bout of whatever is going around and having spent the entire weekend indoors we may quite possibly kill each other if we don’t get out today. Honestly, if we don’t get out for a bit everyday I find we are all cranky with each other.

I’m guessing the tail end of Storm Brigid (why are we suddenly naming our storms by the way) will rule out a walk or the playground today so it will be another indoor adventure for us.

My God I am sick of all the indoor play centres. It seems we’ve been touring the lot lately and I can’t take any more…not to mention they’re getting expensive.

This morning I stood at the window drinking my coffee and looking at the rain outside thinking “How am I going to occupy the Princess today?”

We’ve really had to get creative with our adventures lately so I thought I’d share some of of Princess M’s favourite ones.

Obviously these all what we’ve done in Cork but most of them can be adapted to anywhere really…

Grocery Shopping
I know what you’re thinking. The chance to do the weekly shop on your own is like a freaking holiday. I totally agree.

Outside of the weekly shop, a trip to our local supermarket can be an event around here. The Princess ‘writes’ her list usually of what we need to bake something or make something nice for lunch. We go to what she calls the ‘fun shop.’ They have those kid size shopping carts and on these adventures I actually let her use them. They also have self-scanning & she loves to scan the items, bag them and pay herself. I’ve found this adventure works best only when I have nothing to get myself and the Princess can really take charge. You’d be surprised how much time we can kill wandering around the supermarket at her pace on a rainy day.

Go for a Cuppa
Maybe I’m raising a coffee drinker, but the Princess loves to go for a coffee. Our favourite spot is a coffee shop with a big font window and high chairs (what 3 year old doesn’t like sitting on high chairs). We sit sipping our coffee and milk and play I spy or make up princess stories about the people walking by. The Princess loves these outings and I hope the Prince will enjoy a cuppa and some pirate stories all the same.

The Library
This is an obvious, free option and in our house we can’t get enough of the library. We even venture out to other nearby libraries just for a change of scenery. The great thing about a library is you can get so much mileage out of one trip. We can spend hours in the library looking for and reading books. Then when we come home we read and sometimes even act out the stories. Then suddenly its time to get ready for dinner & daddy will be home!!!

Visit the Pet Store or Garden Centre
The Princess loves our local wildlife park and farms which are all great for those dry days, but when it’s wet and I’m desperate we visit one of our local pet shops or garden centres.

Whether it’s fish, chickens, or furrier friends, the Princess loves going for a look and a chat with the animals. With two cats and a dog at home she knows that we have more animals than we can handle so she’s happy to just visit and get a special treat for our furbabies back home.

Muddy Puddles
Like the Princess’ favourite pig Peppa, sometimes there is nothing better than throwing on our Wellies and finding the biggest, muddiest puddles to jump in.

Princess M jumping loves Muddy Puddles

Princess M loves Muddy Puddles

This all makes me sounds like “Mom of the Year” which of course I am. However, I hate reading blog posts that make me feel ‘less than’ or inadequate…which I totally don’t intend to do. In the interest of being completely honest, Princess gets far more screen time than she should especially on rainy days. And I’m not going to apologize for that because quite frankly I’m doing the best I can and I happen to think that’s ok.

But if you have any great ideas to occupy my Princess on a rainy day please share!!!!

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Lunch, Dinner, Supper, Tea…. It’s all really very confusing.

November 11, 2013
Irish Bangers and Mash

Irish Bangers and Mash (Photo credit: cobalt123)

This is what has been happening in my house lately…

The King goes off to work in the mornings and its hugs and kisses all around.

We say “Have a good day Daddy!”

and he says

“You too, I’ll see you at dinner.”

And it’s all smiles and happiness.  We usually have a quiet morning playing, baking (and yes sometimes t.v.) or whatever in the house because the Prince goes for a GREAT nap mid-morning.

All is happy and for the most part calm in our little corner of the world until around noontime when this happens:

Me: “Are you hungry Princess?”

Princess:  “Yes Mommy”

I then proceed to make a mostly nutritious lunch when all hell breaks loose and I get this:

“I’m not hungry!!!!”

“I don’t want that”

“Daddy, daddy, ….DAAAADDDDDYYYY!!!!!!!!!”

“Where’s DADDY?!?!? I WANT DADDY?!?!?”

And the battle begins and continues (albeit intermittently) for the next 4-5 hours depending on the day and when Daddy is due home.  Of course she does manage to eat…she has to refuel for battle right?

I am ashamed to admit that by 5:00 I sometimes find it hard to find any joy in my darling daughter who up until recently has brought me nothing but joy.  Ashamed, I look forward to the days she goes to pre-school and I am most certainly now looking forward to returning to work myself.

But most of all I feel like a failure.  What happened to all the fun we were having?

Since she has turned three she has becoming increasingly independent and strong-willed.  For the most part I can roll with it & keep reminding myself how much this will stand to her as a young woman some day.  But this lunch time crap is a whole new level.

However today, in a major “A-ha” moment,  I think I might have discovered the root of all this drama (and trauma to be honest!!).

In Ireland the main meal of the day is called dinner (like most places).  But the thing is, dinner can be very interchangeable.

For example, sometimes our Sunday dinner is at 2:00….most always it is when we are visiting the King’s family for dinner.  Sometimes we have it at 5 or even 6 if we have plans during the day.

Growing up the King most certainly came home to a ‘dinner’ after school everyday with an evening tea or light meal.  Come to think of it my Dad always talked about growing up similarly and had a light supper most evenings.

I grew up in a house where dinner was almost always at 5:30.  Dad worked and we had our dinner when he got home and we ate it all together.

Now, while I am on maternity leave, if the King finishes at 1:30 I almost always have a ‘dinner’ ready at 2:00 or 3:00 even during the week. That is if Princess B has no after school sports.  We usually then have a light tea or supper then at 6ish (I still struggle to call a light evening meal tea.  To me tea will always be a hot drink).  In our house we try to always have dinner together.

At pre-school Princess M has “small lunch” or what I would call snack at 10:30 and “dinner” at 12:30.  The pre-school dinner is indeed a well balanced, 4 food group, hot meal.  So yes, it’s dinner.  But even on those pre-school days she still comes home and we have dinner together as a family at 5ish.  We always call it dinner because the King and I have only eaten a lunch that day.

Today,  when she asked me at about 10 this morning what was for dinner I told her chicken because that is what I am making this evening.  When I put soup and a sandwich in front of her at noon.  She ‘lost the plot’ as the Irish say, and screamed she didn’t want lunch, where was dinner. WHERE WAS DADDY??!?!?!?!?!

And I finally got it…to Princess M, dinner means Daddy is home.  Because the only thing that is really consistent about dinner is we are usually eating it together.    And sometimes this dinner in the middle of the day.

Even though I was feeding her a lunch she liked. It wasn’t good enough because in her little world it should be dinner, right now so Daddy would be home.

And it is traumatic when your king isn’t there when you are expecting him to be.

So after an afternoon of frustrated tears and me trying to explain the whole three meals of a day thing,  things are calmer.  For today anyway she is ok knowing that dinner will be served at 5:00 and King Daddy will be here for it.  She was even ok to eventually have lunch with just her and Queen Mommy (and the Prince).

So now the King and I will have to regroup and decide on if we are going to change our semantics or what.

Just as I was thinking my kids wouldn’t grow up feeling like third culture kids since they are Irish and will be able to identify with the Irish culture,  perhaps having two parents of different cultures really will pose its own challenges for them…..

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Maternity Leave Bucket List (Up-date)

November 8, 2013

At the beginning of the summer I wrote about my maternity leave and how I had every intention of making the most of my time off since I am so lucky to get so much of it.

My mat leave is officially over, and I am now on un-paid leave for the next little while.  I wish I could be taking the full 4 months I am allowed but it’s not in the cards and I’ll be heading back at the end of January.

Since things haven’t turned out how I expected/hoped during my time off I wanted to look back and think about the positives and the highlights of my time off so far because there have been many.  And I hope that revisiting our bucket list might inspire me to make the most of what’s left.  I know the holidays will be hard for me this year.  But it’s still our first holiday season as a family of five.  I figure we have a limited number of Christmases when the kids are really young and I just am not willing to let a single one slip past without joy.

So it’s time to remind myself what we wanted to do and to either continue with that plan or adjust.

Our Maternity Leave Bucket List

√  1.Pick strawberries.  While fresh strawberries are abundant in Ireland there are few places to pick your own, however I hear The Apple Farm in Tipp will have pick your own in a few weeks. Strawberry Picking for my birthday was an absolute highlight of the summer!

2.  Manis or Pedis with the Princesses now that there are two men in the house it’s time us girls start sticking together.  While we’ve done the at home kind I have been keeping this for the winter since it is not weather dependent. 

3.  Lunch at The Pink Elephant on a sunny day.  With a nice beach walk and shell/rock hunt after. I had really hoped for this to be a summer day with a walk on the beach but we never did make it.  We were however lucky enough and blessed with the sunshine to make it to the beach lots this summer. 

√4.  Paint Rocks  We spent an entire summer painting and selling rocks when I was small.  My dear Princess M loves painting rocks!

√5.  Homemade popsicles/ice lolls

√6.  Visit Dublin Zoo and FOTA Wildlife Park in Cork.  Well FOTA at least anyway. But we did TWO zoos while we were home in NY over the summer so I think we are all had our fill of animals, I am sure we will make it to Dublin some day.

√7.  Have a sleepover with Princess M on the futon in the play room.

√8.  Splash in muddy puddles….this is Ireland after all

√9.  Eat chocolate/vanilla twist soft serve ice-cream in NY. Twice…and also in Canada.

10. Swim in a lake in NY. we never did make it to the lake, we opted to take the kids up to Niagara Falls instead so the only swimming there was the hotel pool!

11.  Have a fondue party.  My sister and her family gave us a fondue set and we don’t use it enough.

12.  Picnic in Fitzgerald Park, Cork.  We love picnics and Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork is a special place. How did we miss this one?  We picnicked A LOT this summer but it was mostly at the beach because the weather was THAT warm. 


√13.  Wash cars with Princess M.

14.  Visit the M.O.S.T. in Syracuse.

√15.  Visit a farm.

16.  Spend the day in Cobh, Co Cork when a cruise liner comes in. The cruise season might be over but Cobh is pretty in the Christmas so maybe we will still get down there. 

√17.  Participate in World Social Media Day.

√18.  Have an indoor picnic on a rainy day.

√19. Water gun fight.

20.  Fly kites.

√21. Take family photos. We did this in NY and if you are in the Syracuse area there is no one as talented as Lisa Rossi Photography for maternity, new-born, and family shots. I swear.

22. Visit the Ewe Sculpture Garden

23. Afternoon tea with the princesses.  This is one of my favorite treats that I do with my girlie friends and it will be a nice treat to introduce the girls to. I’m waiting for the Christmas decorations to go up around here because Princess M will love it.  The King actually took Princess B for afternoon tea.  He didn’t get it.  She loved it.  

√24. Library story time.

√25.  Enroll Princess M in a class.

√24.  Try a new park.

25.  Go to the drive in

√26. Go to a concert with the King…like Bruce in July!!!!!  If I actually had a real bucket list seeing Bruce live would be on it.  We were so lucky that he came to Cork this summer and the King and I had a great date night!!!


√27.   Plant flowers

√28. Take a road trip somewhere new.

√29.  Make sundaes

√30.  Have a make your own pizza party. Is it possible to do this TOO much? I like to think this is making pizza a ‘healthy dinner’ since we are making it at home….I’m not so sure our Make Your Own Nacho Parties are remotely healthy though.

So that’s where we’re at.  All things considered I think we did a good few Irish and American things on our list.  We’ve done so much more over the past few months and I am really looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving  and the month-long celebration that is Christmas over here!  I love Christmas in Cork and I can’t wait to talk about it all through December!  Our first Christmas party is actually the day after Thanksgiving.  That whole weekend we are doing Christmasy things and I can’t wait!!!!!

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The Days are Long…..

October 23, 2013


This quote by Gretchen Rubin has come to mean so much to me in the past few weeks.

My maternity leave is fast coming to an end and while I am gracious for the time I have had, the thought of returning to work in January weighs heavily on me.

I am dreading returning to a two parent in full time work household and am worried how we will stay on top of family, work and house commitments… which one will suffer?

For me one of the top reasons for living and raising the kids in Ireland is because I feel I maintain a better work life balance here than in the US. That balance made the trade-off of being far from home worthwhile. Now I am worried if that balance will remain.

And yet I have to return to work. There is the obvious financial reasons, but I know in my heart I will always need some sort of a career, something for me.

It took me 6 years and a lot of hard work to become a qualified speech and language pathologist. I’m proud of my career and I’m good at it.

The truth is, as much as I have loved these past few months there have been days where I knew going to work would have been easier. Days like yesterday when my independent Princess challenged me on every single decision….I didn’t butter the bread on the right side….She “SAID” she wanted to wear a different jumper (even though the words never passed her lips).

Yesterday was a long day for sure, but then at night she wanted to read me a bedtime story, and I remembered….the years are short.

I just hope I can find a balance and enjoy it while I can.

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Flying solo….with the kids

October 18, 2013

From the moment I first found out I was pregnant with the Prince I knew that this day would come. That at some point soon I would be flying solo across the Atlantic with at least two kids.

I have been mentally preparing to make this trip forever. We simply can’t afford to all fly each time so I always knew this would be my reality.

One of my good friends flew from Cork to Vancouver in the Spring by herself with her then 5-year-old and newborn daughters. At the time I remember trying to build up her confidence on how easy it would be. But in my own mind I was still trying to build my own confidence for my inevitable journey from Cork to NY.

Well, this weekend it was time to put all my mental and practical preparation to use. Having flown over all together, the King left Upstate NY 10 days before us to return to work. On Saturday it was our turn.

In hindsight I now know there is actually no way to be prepared for three flights (one overnight, transatlantic) with two kids under 4 in tow. I feel the need to explain that we booked these tickets last-minute and had few options…generally we try to avoid two connecting flights but it wasn’t possible this time.

All started off well enough, despite my extreme edginess in the morning. The thought of leaving home and saying goodbye is always tough on me. Add to this, flying solo with two kids and throw in some side effects of Sudafed in my system and my heart was really racing.

Generally, I hate the way Sudafed makes me feel and stay away from it, but recent bouts of aerosinusitis- which I never even knew was a THING- have left me pretty debilitated in flight. If you’ve ever had it you know what it is and would probably agree that the side affects of Sudafed are far more manageable and certainly more preferable when flying solo with kids.

Anyway, the thing about being a mom is you sometimes just don’t have time to give into emotions much.  As soon as I turned my back on the family I was leaving behind there was no time for tears because two little people were both demanding my attention. 

We were traveling about 18 hours in total door to door.  Like I said there really is no preparation.  All-in-all we made it with only a bit for sweat & tears (mostly mine) but thankfully no blood. 

Aside from the Princess breaking out in hives somewhere over the Atlantic leading me to stay awake staring at her the entire flight while she slept soundly…and a late landing which forced me to sprint through Heathrow airport with the Prince strapped to me pushing the Princess in the stroller & her screaming “excuse me” to a packed terminal….we made it home sans luggage but on time to collapse in Daddy’s arms, shower and sleep.  In that order.

However there were a few lessons I will take with me next time…..

  • I was carrying far too much stuff.  Although it seems the little they are the more gear they require, I wasn’t making life easy on myself.  Sure having two connecting flight increases the likelihood of getting delayed somewhere but seriously when was the last time my son ever went through 17 diapers and four changes of clothes in a day or even two.  Even if we did get delayed I’m pretty sure wherever we were would have at least one store stocking the essentials.
  • Airports and airplanes are really entertaining for a three-year old….I thought the bag of tricks we brought was quite small but turns out it was completely unnecessary.  Aside from the iPad, a colouring book and her blanket she did not even open her bag of tricks so I was lugging it senselessly.  And yes I was lugging it despite my intent to keep it the size & weight a three-year old can manage…we all know how thatgoes.
  • Raisins are no longer enticing.  During one of our previous trips, the Princes once at 6 boxes of raisins and it kept her quite happy.  There isn’t much point into the big stash of treats (ok…bribes) that I was carrying.  Stopping to get an ice cream and some sweets from the shop was all that she needed to tow the line.
  • Avoid Heathrow at all costs.  I have said this before…that place will one day be the death of me for sure….but I keep going back!!  The security checks and biometric screening for everyone (TWICE) to not even leave the airport is ridiculous.  You try telling a three-year old just off an 8 hour overnight flight that she has to stay still and look at a camera for nearly 30 seconds.
  • Do whatever it takes to survive.

Anyone else have any fail proof tips while flying solo with the kids?


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Irish Mammy & American Mom

June 24, 2013

They say everyone is Irish. The Irish people love claiming people as their own. I mean, even Obama is Irish!!

I grew up an Irish/Italian American with a bit of Welsh or Scottish thrown in.

I was in high school when I first became obsessed with the idea of living in Ireland. I looked into the whole foreign exchange student thing a bit but I knew I wanted something more than just a few months as a high school kid over here. I don’t know what it was.

I remember both my grandmothers would talk of being Irish but I am not sure I even knew what that meant. It was enough to spark some desire in me to be here though.

The romantic in me loves believing that I was always going to end up here. That fate had this in store for me long before I knew it myself. I mean it’s all worked out so well here. That’s not to say it’s hasn’t been challenging, but it has all worked out.

What I am still learning all these years later is how truly Irish I was long before I ever stepped foot in Ireland, and how without knowing it, I was raised like that.

Mom was an only child. My grand-mother grew up in NYC with her father, aunts and uncles all straight off the boat from Ireland. To this day I see so many similarities in my mother to what I understand to be an ‘Irish mammy’ here. I like to think it’s because of grandma’s upbringing, how she raised mom and how mom in turn raised us. I am always finding things Mom did in common with Irish Moms:

My mom was the only person I ever saw putting butter AND jelly/jam on toast….
until I moved to Ireland.

Mom always gave us 7-up when I was sick…the Irish are obsessed with this cure-all.

Despite not always going to church we knew to pray to St. Anthony if we ever lost something and when we actually did go to church Mom lit a candle for someone.

We were sent diligently to religious education classes after school all the way up to confirmation. We were Catholic even if we didn’t attend church regularly.

Mom would be relentless and insist that anyone entering the house would eat something.

We ate dinner as a family without fail. When she was alive Sunday dinners were big affairs at Grandma’s.

While mom’s dinner did not always include potatoes a carb was required…if not potatoes then pasta. Like I said we are Irish/Italian American.

We were raised to be good, be nice to others and be a family.

And here I am, all these years later, a new mom in a new home but feeling I know a thing or two about how to be an ‘Irish mammy’ thanks to my very American mom.

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Maternity Leave Bucket List

June 21, 2013

The Prince is just over a month old and already I am panicking at the thought of having to go back to work full time.  With Princess M I didn’t have this strong urge to drastically change my professional life (as in lessen it).

The truth is I love my job.  I worked and studied hard to qualify in my profession.  I work with some great people, my mind is challenged and I like to think I make a difference.  I love my job, I do want to go back and continue to work hard there, ideally I would however wish I didn’t have to do it so much.

So until I win the lotto or come up with a grand idea that will allow me the financial freedom to work less, play more.  I am intending to make the most out of every day of my maternity leave.

Our Maternity Leave Bucket List

1.  Pick strawberries.  While fresh strawberries are abundant in Ireland there are few places to pick your own, however I hearThe Apple Farm in Tipp will have pick your own in a few weeks.

2.  Manis or Pedis with the Princesses now that there are two men in the house it’s time us girls start sticking together.

3.  Lunch at The Pink Elephant on a sunny day.  With a nice beach walk and shell/rock hunt after.

4.  Paint Rocks  We spent an entire summer painting and selling rocks when I was small.

5.  Homemade popsicles/ice lolls

6.  Visit Dublin Zoo and FOTA Wildlife Park in Cork.

7.  Have a sleepover with Princess M on the futon in the play room.

8.  Splash in muddy puddles….this is Ireland afterall

9.  Eat chocolate/vanilla twist soft serve ice-cream in NY.

10. Swim in a lake in NY.

11.  Have a fondue party.  My sister and her family gave us a fondue set and we don’t use it enough.

12.  Picnic in Fitzgerald Park, Cork.  We love picnics and Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork is a special place.

13.  Wash cars with Princess M.

14.  Visit the M.O.S.T. in Syracuse.

15.  Visit a farm.

16.  Spend the day in Cobh, Co Cork when a cruise liner comes in.

17.  Participate in World Social Media Day.

18.  Have an indoor picnic on a rainy day.

19. Water gun fight.

20.  Fly kites.

21. Take family photos.

22. Visit the Ewe Sculpture Garden

23. Afternoon tea with the princesses.  This is one of my favorite treats that I do with my girlie friends and it will be a nice treat to introduce the girls to.

24. Library story time.

25.  Enroll Princess M in a class.

24.  Try a new park.

25.  Go to the drive in

26. Go to a concert with the King…like Bruce in July!!!!!  ( on life’s bucket list)

27.   Plant flowers

28. Take a road trip somewhere new.

29.  Make sundaes

30.  Have a make your own pizza party.

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Party of 5

June 21, 2013

The Prince arrived on 25 May…a week overdue and weighing a whopping 10lbs 41/2 ounces. (Of course I had to stick that in there. I will forever be acknowledging his birth weight & giving all due credit to my amazing body for creating and delivering such massive perfection).

My increasing crankiness leading up the main event and the subsequent period of adjustment should explain my recent absence. Perhaps starting a blog 30+ weeks pregnant wasn’t the smartest idea, but I’m not the type of person to think things through really.

So we are now a party of 5. The Princesses are in love…as of course is the King. I don’t think he ever believed we would have a son. I knew all along of course.

Princess M’s only experience in what being a big sister means is nearly 14 year old Princess B. Therefore Princess M spends most days insisting her two year old self is quiet capable of doing everything Princess B does as she is too is now a big sister.

We are a month getting to know each other. It awes me how easily we adjusted from 4 to 5. Perhaps the only glitch being our “new to us” car leaves little space in the back middle seat for Princess B. Thank god she is tiny.

Much like Princess M’s arrival it feels as if the Prince has always been a part of us even before he arrived.