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Beach Bound

July 8, 2013

We’re having a heat wave in Ireland…sunshine and temperatures above 20 degrees celsius. Whenever this happens, as much as possible the world stops a little and everyone goes outside.

Laundry doesn’t get done. People work diligently to be able to leave work on time or perhaps a few minutes early. The butchers stock their displays with BBQ meats. The ‘cozy’ pubs are vacant while the pubs with beer gardens our outdoor seating areas of any kind are jam packed.

Everyone is happier, you can honestly see a spring in the nation’s step. Everyone is outside.

We are lucky enough that my in-laws have a small mobile home at the beach and just happened to be abroad on holidays having left us the keys. With constant sunshine forecast for the next few days I spent most of Thursday and Friday packing us up to head to the beach for the weekend.

And yes it did take the better part of two days because it turns out going anywhere these days takes some serious logistical planning. I raided all the wardrobes and drawers to find those few items of clothes we have for weather like this. Swimsuits, shorts, sundresses and tank tops were packed. The car was finally loaded with sunscreen, food, toys, clothes and all the baby gear the Prince requires.

I enjoyed a lovely evening walking on the beach and throwing stones in the water with the kids while we waited for the King to join us after work on Friday. There is something about the ocean that immediately calms me and I was content. We all went to bed Friday dreaming of a sun filled few days together.

the princesses

We woke Saturday morning to….overcast skies and fog!!!!! Not a patch of blue or ray of sun to be seen.

Remaining optimistic we held hope that the sun would burn it off & leave us with a glorious day. We enjoyed a lazy morning being together around the mobile home.

Then I realized in my optimism and excitement for our beach weekend I packed like I was going to the Jersey shore, not the south coast of Ireland. While packing my brain completely ignored the fact that despite the temperature and sunshine, the Irish coast is windy. And we’re not talking a balmy gulf coast breeze….

I had packed Princess M one pair of leggings and one jumper. The Prince had one blanket. Princess B, having packed herself, was seemingly prepared for all types of weather. The King and I? We were just going to be cold.

How many times have I been to the beach here and I still haven’t learned. Princess M seems to have my American blood and often complains of being cold even in the finer weather (because let’s stop kidding ourselves…it never really is warm here). And yet, 9 years later I still am hopeful that 23 degrees Celsius will somehow mean 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sun came out and we enjoyed an hour or so at the beach in the late afternoon before the Princesses both were covered in goose bumps. The King and I have vowed to purchase one of those beach windbreakers (that I never saw before coming to Ireland) before next summer no matter how many times we make it to the beach and it actually gets used.

Back at the mobile home we sat in the sun together & Princess M loved just being outside and making new friends. There was less wind and no need for jumpers until the sun went down. I was the only one who knew to miss the heat of weekend spent at the Jersey shore. We were together, and that’s really all that mattered.

We woke to glorious sunshine on Sunday and spent hours at the beach playing in the sand and splashing in the water. We knew to head back to the mobile home when the breeze picked up in the early afternoon. The car is covered in sand and we all have a sun-kissed glow…just like we really were at the Jersey shore. And our heat wave continues…..

Garretstown Strand, Kinsale, Co Cork

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