Living Abroad

An unconscious decision

April 29, 2013

What some people don’t realize is that living abroad, and more so starting a family abroad is a decision that I make nearly every day.

It’s not like there is a huge internal discussion that goes on, but every day my actions demonstrate a decision to stay abroad.

In the early days I remember it was things like finding a ‘regular’ hair stylist, or finally committing to going to the dentist in Cork rather than waiting until the next time I was home.

Now it’s simpler things, like just making sure there is always enough savings in the bank for the inevitable emergency trip home, or searching the internet for children’s books on US history because it’s important to me that my children know their US history (even if they are only 2 and not even born yet).

But certainly doing those things today is me making an unconscious decision that we will very likely be here for many more tomorrows.

Do you find yourself making any unconscious decisions?

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