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The Great Doll Debate

September 17, 2014

Today is Princess M’s 4th birthday.  FOUR. That is a big, proper, kid age.  There is nothing childish about 4!!

Over the past few weeks there has been much discussion around the gift.  For her first birthday Mom & Dad bought her an American Girl Doll….and not just any AG doll, the MOLLY doll that has since been retired.  The doll had been safely stored at Mom and Dad’s house for about two years; waiting for the flight where we weren’t weighed down with hand luggage so that we could bring her back as a carryon.  Last Autumn when the King returned to Ireland on his own he gallantly carried the doll with him.  It has been hidden on the top of a wardrobe here ever since.

So as the birthday approached the King and I had much discussion of whether or not it was time to give her the doll….

The box says 8+.  Just about every parent of an American girl knows the cost of the doll and how precious the bloody hair is.

We have watched the Princess play endlessly with her dolls and babies.   We wondered for how long would she be truly playing dolls.  8 seems so far off.

I even did the ultimate in research and googled it….and it turns out there are two sides to the ongoing (sometimes heated) AG doll debate.

If we gave her the doll we agreed we would have to turn a blind eye to any throwing, tattooing, haircutting and general neglect/abuse that may occur.  We had to decide if we were ok with the doll being loved while all real collector value is  lost.  We had to vow not to be precious about the doll…and to be honest we weren’t so sure  we could.

Ultimately it was one last birthday gift from Grandma & Grandpa, after a long year of missing them and the hope that playing with the doll might offer a comfort to us all.

Tonight mom is either up there cursing us for giving a 4 year old such a costly doll, or she’s keeping a watchful eye over two new friends sharing one toddler bed.


Either way, I’m sure Mom would agree in hindsight the pyjamas would have been a good buy!

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  • Reply christineplouvier September 18, 2014 at 3:47 am

    I was four, the first time my mother gave me a needle and thread, a scrap of cloth, and access to her precious tin full of buttons: I was to sew a button sampler! It was nothing special – just 6 or 8 different colors, styles and shapes of buttons, on a cloth that was less than half the size of a handkerchief. But by the time I was finished, I was sold on sewing.

    Maybe some such small project would help prepare Princess M to take good care of her new friend by clothing her. A simple caftan for a nightgown, perhaps? One piece of cloth, folded in half, for Mum to cut the neckline and faux placket with pinking shears, and then decorated by the Princess with a short row of buttons leading down the front from the placket (the top button reinforces the cloth, to prevent tearing), before she sews the two straight side seams. (The hem can be left pinked, too.)

    Soon, Princess M can learn to do some simple crochet for her friend’s wardrobe. Knitting can come a bit later.

    My own little Princess grew up to be an accomplished seamstress, and she designs her own crochet patterns, too.

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