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We won a holiday!!!

May 1, 2013

Just kidding.

It’s just that sometimes when you live abroad family expects you come home for every possible vacation you have. Sure we love going home and we wish we could do it more, but we also love to travel….to new places. Especially me…it kinda fits with the whole moving abroad in the first place idea.

It can be hard telling family you’ve opted to go someplace else. Maybe I’m just filled to the brim with the old Catholic guilt, but I always feel like saying we are going on a vacation (because as much as I love visiting home it is never a vacation) elsewhere is somehow letting my family and friends back home down.

I don’t think we are alone in this.

In fact I know we’re not.

A friend of mine recently mentioned she and her husband were considering telling both their parents that they had won a holiday simply to avoid the discussion. The only problem was that they felt this little white lie wouldn’t hold in the long run…like say the next time they want to take a vacation that doesn’t involve going home.

Even still, it might be necessary to use maybe someday…

Does anyone else feel guilty and like they’re letting others down if they don’t go home?

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  • Reply Emma June 26, 2013 at 6:09 am

    Yes! We had to tell family a recent holiday was a last-minute deal in order to not get the unintended guilt trip for not going home.

    • Reply bothsidesoftheatlantic June 26, 2013 at 7:00 am

      The guilt is awful. A last minute deal is another tactic we might have to use some day.

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