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100,000 +

July 21, 2015

Today the American Consulate travelled to Cork.  Such a convenient service.  They come every so often  (I suppose when budgets permit).  To be honest we were waiting for their next trip down to Cork to register the Prince’s birth abroad.  We just didn’t have a trip to Dublin planned and I didn’t see the point of making a special trip up…although it would have given us an excuse to go to IKEA…

Although US citizenship transfers to a child at birth, the official paperwork (which can be used as a birth certificate) is Consular Registration of Birth Abroad. It’s also required to get passports and SS# and all that jazz. So anyway when the Dublin Embassy emailed to say they were coming to Cork I jumped at the chance.  There is plenty of paperwork to gather of course.  To register a birth abroad you have to prove your own citizenship as well as your physical presence in the US for at least 5 years.  I provided highschool and college transcripts which were accepted.   All in all it was actually pretty easy.

Out of curiosity as I was chatting to the consuls I asked how many American’s they reckon are in Ireland.  They said that at least 100,000 US citizens are registered with the Embassy in Ireland.  And since registering with the embassy is not compulsory there are likely to be MANY, MANY more.  I had no idea there were so many of us here!!  But it makes total sense given the strong cultural and familial links between the US & Ireland.  But on an island of 4million it’s a lot.

Incidentally, it’s worth registering with the embassy as an expat living in any country.  It will make things easier should you ever need consulate support.  The Dublin Embassy send emails about things that concern expats in Ireland & they let you know when the consulate is travelling around Ireland!!  You can also like the US Embassy Dublin on FB!

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Party of 5

June 21, 2013

The Prince arrived on 25 May…a week overdue and weighing a whopping 10lbs 41/2 ounces. (Of course I had to stick that in there. I will forever be acknowledging his birth weight & giving all due credit to my amazing body for creating and delivering such massive perfection).

My increasing crankiness leading up the main event and the subsequent period of adjustment should explain my recent absence. Perhaps starting a blog 30+ weeks pregnant wasn’t the smartest idea, but I’m not the type of person to think things through really.

So we are now a party of 5. The Princesses are in love…as of course is the King. I don’t think he ever believed we would have a son. I knew all along of course.

Princess M’s only experience in what being a big sister means is nearly 14 year old Princess B. Therefore Princess M spends most days insisting her two year old self is quiet capable of doing everything Princess B does as she is too is now a big sister.

We are a month getting to know each other. It awes me how easily we adjusted from 4 to 5. Perhaps the only glitch being our “new to us” car leaves little space in the back middle seat for Princess B. Thank god she is tiny.

Much like Princess M’s arrival it feels as if the Prince has always been a part of us even before he arrived.