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Irish Cold

November 9, 2013

One thing that I never seem to get used to is how cold it actually is here…..says the girl from New York.

I mean temperature wise it doesn’t often get below freezing but it’s FREEZING!!!!!

I grew up in negative degrees Fahrenheit so it still amazes me that it can be 9 or 10 Celsius and I am freezing!

What you need to know if you are coming to Ireland anytime November-March is that regardless of the temperature reading, it is cold. It’s like a damp cold that you can’t shake. And sometimes in some buildings, you might as well be outside.

Sometimes my job requires me to visit various schools and I always wear at least two pair of socks and even then I can’t feel my feet. I often see teachers teach in heavy jumpers and scarves!!! The kids don’t seem to feel it though.

The Irish also have a thing about not wearing your coat inside because you won’t get the maximum out of it when you actually do go outside, but sometimes I am too damn cold inside to take it off.

All is not lost though, I have some new Irish winter time habits that I absolutely adore.


Hot Water Bottle Cover

Hot Water Bottle Cover (Photo credit: suziesparkle)


Amazing. My grandma used to have one of those red ones that had a rotten rubbery smell, but here hot water bottles go inside cozy, furry cover that just demands cuddling up with.  And of course with an electric kettle the water is hot in no time! The princesses both love going to bed when it’s been pre-warmed by a hot water bottle.


It’s an electric blanket that goes under the fitted sheet! LOVE! (sometimes I take my hot water bottle to bed with my electric under-blanket…not sure how safe it is but so comfy).


O.K. this isn’t anything new for me since moving to Ireland.  Give me boots over flip-flops any day and I don’t believe you can have too many scarves.

To be honest I pretty much love winter both here and in NY despite the cold.  I do long for the snow back home (which started snowing this week apparently) though.

It makes me giggle when I see the Irish freaking out over the winter weather but to be honest, when it gets below freezing in this damp country quite often things are covered in a sheet of ice.  I however have yet to see a New Yorker wear socks outside their shoes for safety…..