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The Days are Long…..

October 23, 2013


This quote by Gretchen Rubin has come to mean so much to me in the past few weeks.

My maternity leave is fast coming to an end and while I am gracious for the time I have had, the thought of returning to work in January weighs heavily on me.

I am dreading returning to a two parent in full time work household and am worried how we will stay on top of family, work and house commitments… which one will suffer?

For me one of the top reasons for living and raising the kids in Ireland is because I feel I maintain a better work life balance here than in the US. That balance made the trade-off of being far from home worthwhile. Now I am worried if that balance will remain.

And yet I have to return to work. There is the obvious financial reasons, but I know in my heart I will always need some sort of a career, something for me.

It took me 6 years and a lot of hard work to become a qualified speech and language pathologist. I’m proud of my career and I’m good at it.

The truth is, as much as I have loved these past few months there have been days where I knew going to work would have been easier. Days like yesterday when my independent Princess challenged me on every single decision….I didn’t butter the bread on the right side….She “SAID” she wanted to wear a different jumper (even though the words never passed her lips).

Yesterday was a long day for sure, but then at night she wanted to read me a bedtime story, and I remembered….the years are short.

I just hope I can find a balance and enjoy it while I can.